In addition to osteopathy, kinesiology has proven itself as a supplement in my practical work:

It offers great advantages in the diagnosis and verification of energetic, neurological, mental and hormonal complaints. Here we ask with so-called muscle tests from the nervous system of the patient.

My range of services offers you the following kinesiological tests:

  • various loads, such as Heavy metals, amalgam or environmental toxins
  • Materials such as tooth materials, adhesives or dentures
  • Tooth, teeth grinding or inappropriate prostheses
  • other hearth events such as inflammation of the sinuses
  • (Un) tolerability of foods, e.g. Cow’s milk products or cereals
  • Geopathic stress (water vein ect.)
  • Mental, family or mental-emotional causes

For therapy then minerals, vitamins and natural remedies are tested and formulated.

My experience has shown that finding and possibly eliminating confounders is important for successful therapy. Because the less energy the disturbance factors consume, the more power you have for your life.

For questions I advise you without obligation.

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