Heilpraktiker Osteopathy Freising

Heilpraktiker Osteopathie Freising

I am Norman Cloos, a state certified health practitioner ("Heilpraktiker") who treats babies, children and adults with osteopathy and chiropractic.

In doing so, I deal specifically with your individual needs, or those of your child. This can be fast and efficient, but also with enough time and empathy.

Especially if there is no cause for your pain and blockages, you can ask me if it makes sense to see me for a treatment.

For more information on treatment, see Children and Babies and Adults.

Review patient opinions and make an appointment at


Info at 0178 512 88 40

The practice of Norman Cloos is focussed on Osteopathy and Naturopathy since 2007, and is now located in the center of Freising 2 minutes from Marienplatz.

Norman Cloos has maintained a practice focussed on Osteopathy and Naturopathy in Freising and the nearby village of Niederhummel (near Moosburg) since 2007. 

I treat the whole family with osteopathy, chiropractic and naturopathy. Clients are examined using a wholistic approach.

Patients come to the practice with pain, blockages, orthopedic or organic problems. In the treatment, an attempt is made to rebalance the body and to activate the self-healing powers.

Feel free to call me. Then I can advise you if osteopathic treatment is also suitable for you or your child.  Of course you can make an appointment in the practice of your choice.

If you have statutory health insurance (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung), it would be a good idea to check if you are eligible for osteopathic services before making an appointment.

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